Don Papa Rum

The spirit of Don Papa lives on in us all


The 28th of November it time for the 2017 #itsaDONdeal competition! 

4 pre-selected chefs will present a Sugarlandia inspired dish, which recipe they pre-entered before the 1st of November.

Shakers can pick the finger food that inspires them most and make a Don inpired drink to match out of the ingredients available. The chefs will select their favorite drink and this new duo will present to the judges. 

To help the shakers out we'll have masterclass by a famed sommelier who matches dishes daily.

The jury will then select the winning duo who we'll send to the Philippines to showcase their talents there.  

Audience of participants are welcome to join in the fun if they register on this website. Enter here and remember; the spirit of the DON lives on in us all! 

Find more info about the competition here.

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